With a history in the business and experience with speculative and build-to-suit projects, industrial park planning and project management, CHI has strong relationships with architects, engineers and contractors. We understand the challenges and opportunities of real estate investment and have a willingness to take healthy risks to develop quality assets.

  • Site Selection

    We are committed to building quality, state of the art warehouse facilities in prime locations. CHI chooses sites in strong distribution submarkets that offer tenants easy access to major roadways, rail and air freight infrastructure. Our portfolio includes buildings and sites in unparalleled locations where there is a strong demand for quality industrial spaces that offer tenants flexibility and modern amenities.

  • Leasing Negotiations

    Partnering with best-in-market industrial brokers, CHI actively utilizes the team’s combined market knowledge to complete leasing transactions. CHI is dedicated to finding innovative solutions to finalize warehouse, distribution and manufacturing facility leases.

  • Incentive Negotiations

    CHI has extensive experience working with municipalities to negotiate economic development incentives. We have a proven track record of successful partnerships from both the owner and the municipalities’ perspectives. We understand the intricacies necessary and operate with honesty and integrity to negotiate the right structure for all parties involved.

  • Lender Relationships

    CHI enjoys trusted relationships with key lending professionals. Built over more than 50 years, these relationships are a result of multi-billion dollar enterprise Crow Holdings’ dealings in real estate and other varied investment activities.

Other Areas of Expertise

  • Site planning
  • Acquisition
  • Construction Management
  • Capital Markets
  • Capital Relationships
  • Industrial Park Planning
  • Speculative Projects
  • Build-to-Suit Projects
  • Project Management